GC Grain’s and Agri business will be conducted in a manner that promotes environmental quality. We are committed to continuous improvement in environmental management at every location within the company and to improving the well-being of the communities where we operate.

To achieve this, GC Grains and Agri is committed to the following principles:

  • We comply with environmental laws and requirements applicable to our processes, products, services and projects.
  • We promote continuous environmental improvement by applying environmental management principles, by utilizing environmental risk assessments and by measuring environmental performance associated with our facilities, processes, products, services and projects.
  • We seek environmentally sustainable development through pollution prevention, waste minimization, reuse and recycling in our processes, products, services and projects.
  • We demonstrate social responsibility by seeking to meet the environmental needs of our communities and by promoting the responsible use of natural resources.
  • We engage employees in environmental sustainability efforts and provide employee training to enhance environmental management practices.

Health and Safety

GC Grains and Agri is dedicated to achieving a zero-incident culture by integrating safety into all locations and businesses through a process of continuous improvement.  Our objective is to be a company with no work-related injuries or illnesses.

The prevention of fatalities and injuries of employees, contractors and visitors is the foundation of this policy.  All of our processes, products and services will meet, or exceed, all applicable safety and health regulations.

  • No work is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely.
  • We will not put profit or production ahead of safety and health.
  • We will act swiftly to eliminate or control all high-potential exposures.
  • Safety performance is a key indicator of operational excellence.
  • All work-related injuries, illnesses, unsafe conditions and risky behaviors are preventable.
  • We will promote off-the-job safety and wellness for our employees.
  • All personnel are responsible and accountable for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • All levels of management and supervision are accountable for demonstrating proactive safety leadership.


GC Grains and Agri’s global labour policy commits us to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all of our employees and contractors.

In addition, we strive to root out all cases of human rights abuses in our value chains by upholding strict standards of compliance, from local and internationally-recognized conventions, to projects and activities that root out cases of abuse. Our operations and employees must comply with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations.

  • We will not use forced labor in any form. This includes prison labor, indentured labor and bonded labor.
  • We will only hire employees who meet local minimum-age requirements and will not under any circumstances employ workers under 18. Apprentice and similar programs must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations.
  • In a GC Grains and Agri workplace people are treated with dignity and respect. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse.
  • Employment at GC Grains and Agri will be based on job-related qualifications and skills.
  • We will maintain a safe and healthy work environment that complies with all applicable local laws and regulations.
  • We will respect Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • We will comply with all wage and compensation requirements as defined under applicable local laws and regulations for regular work, overtime, maximum hours and other elements of compensation and employee benefits. Employees shall, on a regularly scheduled basis, be entitled to at least one day off in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs.
  • We require that our suppliers’ operations, and those of their subcontractors and suppliers, comply with GC Grains and Agri’s labour policy. In addition, any housing that they, their subcontractors or suppliers provide for their employees must be safe and healthy.


GC Grains and Agri is committed to sustainable development and adheres to the following principles:

  • We strive to be good citizens by contributing to the economic and social development of the communities where we work;
  • We work to achieve a high level of environmental performance by adopting science-based, culturally sensitive and pragmatic best practices and by promoting these practices within our supply chain;
  • We partner with companies and organizations to promote and apply sustainable practices; and
  • We communicate openly about our activities and maintain a constructive dialogue with stakeholders.

We apply these principles across our operations, pursuing both global and regional goals.

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